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Tristan Vouga
Augmenting the lives of paraplegics with exoskeletons
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Wearables bringing back the ability to walk for paraplegics: this is the world in which Tristan Vouga is evolving. Passionate by the field of robotics and willing to have an impact on society, he turned his PhD thesis into the Swiss startup TWIICE.

The company is developing a modular exoskeleton, bringing back the ability for its users to stand, walk, climb stairs and even go on a ski tour

Beyond the technological achievement and the numerous awards it has won in international contests, their platform has the potential to transform the lives of many paraplegics as well as amputees.

We talked with Tristan about his transition from PhD student to entrepreneur, about their exoskeleton capabilities, the feelings of “ownership, embodiment and agency” that are key to a seamless human-machine interaction, and about how innovation can be derived from science-fiction


What we also talked about with Tristan:

We cited with Tristan some of the past episodes from “Impulse - Meeting Healthcare Pioneers”:

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