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Vincent Martinez
Preserving our health with smart clothes
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Will the next revolution in personalized health be led by connected clothes?

This is the bet that Vincent Martinez and his team at Nanoleq are making, and they are putting all their efforts into turning their vision into reality!

Originally, their idea was to target the cable industry with a proprietary technology enabling to create stretchable cables, with superior physical and electrical properties.

The targeted companies being too slow in their adoption of the proposed approach, Vincent and his team decide to tackle the field of connected clothing, by proposing a set of components and tools enabling any clothing manufacturer to turn their garments into smart ones, able to measure multiple vital parameters but also to electrically stimulate certain regions of the body.

Building upon their expertise in this space, they developed the first breathing smart garment with live biofeedback - Oxa - around which they designed a whole personalized program for everyone to reconnect to their body through breathing, the only vital sign we can consciously control.

We talked with Vincent about the emergence of connected clothes and what role they will play in the preservation of our health, how stretchable electronics work, and how Nanoleq managed to develop a full breathing experience combining cutting-edge sensors with gamification, backed by the most renown ambassadors in the field.


  • 02:28 - Vincent’s background at the interface of materials science and biomedical engineering

  • 04:27 - Launching a company to address the premature breakage of electronic cables

  • 09:15 - What lies behind the term « stretchable electronics »

  • 11:25 - Shifting the focus towards smart textiles

  • 21:18 - The vision of Nanoleq around connected health

  • 25:35 - Starting a new product line focused on breathing optimization: Oxa Life

  • 36:30 - Federating a community of breathing specialists

  • 39:16 - Making the most personalised and digitally engaging breathing optimization program

  • 45:44 - Towards everyday wear of smart clothes

What we also talked about with Vincent:

We cited with Vincent some of the past episodes from the series:

As mentioned in the episode, you can learn more about Nanoleq and the field of stretchable electronics through their website.

The Kickstarter campaign for Oxa runs until Sunday December 18 and you can contribute to it at this page! For more information about Oxa, check out the official product page:

Based on Vincent’s suggestions, check out the book Breath from James Nestor or this episode of Huberman Lab if you want to know more about the science behind breathing and the exercises that we discussed in this episode. You can also learn more about the Buteyko method here.

If you want to get in touch with Vincent, feel free to contact him per email at or through LinkedIn.

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