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dHealth Foundation
Eberhard Scheuer
Applying blockchain technology to healthcare
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Most of us have already heard about blockchain technology, as well as many things about cryptocurrencies and how they are transforming traditional approaches in the field of finance.

But what about its relevance to healthcare and the potential applications it may have in this space?

Eberhard Scheuer is the President of the dHealth Foundation, a not-for-profit organization from Switzerland providing the infrastructure and tools to major stakeholders in healthcare to leverage blockchain technology.

He takes us through the basic concepts around blockchain and guides us through the benefits and the applications it may have in this field, when it comes for instance to empowering patients in managing their own health and the data that accompanies it, creating transparency across the pharmaceutical supply chain, or even preserving the authenticity of medical test results!

A fascinating exchange and good entry point for newcomers in the field of blockchain and web3 applied to healthcare!


  • 02:21 - Eberhard’s background and his entry point in web3 concepts applied to healthcare

  • 06:29 - What blockchain is about

  • 11:12 - Applications of blockchain technology to healthcare and its benefits

  • 21:51 - The example of Estonia with blockchain-enabled electronic health records and the efforts of big tech companies in that regard

  • 25:58 - The reason behind the dHealth Foundation and monetizing health data

  • 38:30 - The services provided by the dHealth Foundation to its partners

  • 46:44 - Misleading ideas around blockchain applications in healthcare

What we also talked about with Eberhard:

If you want to know more about the dHealth Foundation, we invite you to consult their website and follow their activities on LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter.

As mentioned by Eberhard in the episode, if you want to know more about the field of blockchain and the latest trends in that regard, have a look at Blockchain Revolution, Bloomberg Crypto, CoinDesk and Cointelegraph.

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